FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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What makes Dental Works different from other temporary dental staffing agencies?

Is Dental Works affiliated with any national or state organizations?

What is the interview process for your potential auxiliaries?

What are the advantages of using Dental Works instead of classified ads for my dental personnel search?

Is Dental Works available when I need coverage? What are the hours of operation?

When do overtime rates apply?

Are there a minimum number of hours required for an auxiliary thru Dental Works?

What happens if my schedule changes and I no longer need the temp that has been assigned to my office?

When a temp accepts an assignment at my office, do I pay them or does Dental Works?

What are the benefits of having Dental Works assume all payroll responsibilities?

When and how can I pay Dental Works after a temp has worked in my office?

How are the rates for the temps calculated?

You previously sent me a person I enjoyed having in my office. Can I call them directly if I need a temp again?

Can I treat a temp as an independent contractor and issue them a 1099 Form?

When I contact Dental Works, am I guaranteed that I will get coverage?

How quickly do you fill assignments?

Am I allowed to work with other agencies?

Are continuing education courses available thru Dental Works?

How far in advance should I call for coverage?

Does Dental Works have temps to cover a long-term assignment?

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